Andrea Goldsmith

Andrea Goldsmith tells us about meeting her necessary poet, Dorothy Porter, in 1992, at a reading and how this chance meeting changed her life - and reading: '...If not for that happening my life would have been very different. From that moment on Dorothy Proter became my essential poet and her poetry has formed the fabric of my days.'

Andrea reads four poems from Summer 92 and finishes with 'Scarab', from Akhenaten. All poems are included in Love Poems, Dorothy Porter, Black Inc, 2010.

Andrea Goldsmith is an essayist and novelist, whose seventh novel, The Memory Trap, was awarded the Melbourne Prize for Best Writing in 2015. Poetry has always been central to Andrea’s life. This became a good deal more literal when she heard Dorothy Porter read from her verse novel Akhenaten in 1992. Andrea and Dorothy were partners from that time until Dorothy’s death in December, 2008.

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