Poetry as necessary? Many would scoff at this and say it may be true that we need stories but poetry? No. And yet the evidence is there: with an exchange of vows, people often seek out the right poems to complete their statements; at the anniversary of 9/11, Billy Collins’ The Names played a role no speechmaking could fill; during times of repression poems often offer a common rallying strength that cannot be stamped out.

In addition to wider cultural needs, poetry plays a role within many individual lives as a ‘home‘ and resource. Offering life-changing insight, sustenance, solace. One only has to look at the six individuals reading at The Necessary Poet this year – a critic, a performer, a painter, a political philosopher, a nurse – to be struck by the life of poetry in diverse life circumstances.

Germaine Greer, John Wolseley, Martha Nussbaum, Omar Musa, Mel Cranenburgh and Farideh Karaji-Bani tackle the concept of The Necessary Poet, sharing with us the poetry that moves and inspires them, that they return to again and again.

Join us to hear these remarkable individuals speak about and read from the poets they find remarkable – and most necessary.

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